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"Berta invests emotional content into whatever she’s doing, something you can sense whether you’re in the audience or on the bandstand alongside her. She’s smart focused dependable, serious about her music but an affable person the sort you want to work with." -Steve Wilson-
DOWNBEAT MAGAZINE (Sept. 2017) Bradley Bambarger 

As for her own voice on the tenor, Moreno is a highly thoughtful and precise soloist, with well-planned statements that don't waste any notes. Her in-the-pocket technique avoids ostentatiousness in favor of measured swinging improvisational arcs that are enjoyable and accessible". 

ALL ABOUT JAZZ (May 2017)- - Troy Dostert

"Moreno's debut album, "Little Steps," not only showcases her prowess as an improviser on the saxophone, it also highlights her formidable talent as a composer. Most startling among her talents is her compositional skill. While certainly rooted in the great jazz of the 1950's, her tunes are intricate and highly original."
ROCHESTER CITY Newspaper- Ron Netsky (2017)

"A hard hitting mainstream sitting down jazz date that was made for real jazzbo ears she knows how to hit the right notes as well as call on the right high flying hitters to bring her sound on this all original date to fruition."

With a great personality, Moreno knows how to extract from her tenor sax a dark and yet warm sound, totally rooted in the jazz tradition but with a modern, energetic and optimistic discourse that produces fresh and evocative melodies with doses of spontaneity and captivating rhythms ".

-Chevy Martínez – Owner/Programmer of Jimmy Glass Jazz Club (Valencia, Spain)


feat. Steve Wilson (sax), Troy Roberts (sax), Manuel Valera (piano), Maksim Perepelica (double bass), David Hardy (drums). Recorded @System Two 10/17/2016. Released  03/11/2017 in New York.

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Berta Moreno 1 B&W